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We highlighted a variety of concepts and ideas from the writings of the academics which we read in 502.

Our objective was to challenge ourselves to be mindful of our main problem as articulated by Maxine Greene. We wanted to tackle practical approaches for incorporating the themes from the writings.

The table above pins key concepts from the writings which have been chosen to connect to larger complexities of pedagogical development through curriculum for a grade ten graphics unit plan.


core competencies that speak to this unit



Teaching graphics and specifically an infographic unit seamlessly addresses many of the core competencies benchmarks and objectives.

The above table highlights how students are to approach the self assessment part of the core, it also provides a model for students to use as a guideline. 


Sample of an Infographic in Progress


when analysing this model...

Have students focus on the layout, how various data sets are incorporated. What symbols, styles, palettes, images and geometry come together to tell the story.

How do students explore their visual story telling. What references and data sets are they incorporating to synthesize information.


Unit Core Concept - Overview for Students


above is a basic flow chart...

It helps students to understand the scope of the unit, what the overarching objectives and inquiries are, how to address them and what sort of questions to ponder..

This overview would be accompanied by an un-packinh process whereby the class uses it as a central planning document.


Graphics 10 - Course Outline



This infographic course outline provides students with an in depth an detailed over view of the year ahead. It allows students to identify areas of interest and gives them time to distill ideas..

It provides areas for modified and adapted curricular requirements.


From Theory to Practice


The Problem

Good teaching is supposed to push on
the existing order of things…we need to break through the conventionalized and routine consciousness” 
Maxine Greene

“I suck at (subject). I am not as good as (insert name)”

“And I will never be good at it.”

The Problem Defined

Many of our students have a conventionalized consciousness due to having a fixed mindset that negatively affects their learning

Growth Mindset: Understanding that the brain CAN get stronger and smarter with new learning

Video: Growing Your MInd - Khan Academy

Significance to Teaching

Do teachers have a responsibility to teach this?

“Teaching is profoundly a worldly and world-making act.” – Munir


Core Competency: Positive Personal & Cultural Identity

Students who have a positive personal and cultural identity value their personal and cultural narratives, and understand how these shape their identity.”

Ability to Respond

Communicate to students why they should put in extra effort

Promote a class culture – embraces growth mindset and embraces struggling with concepts

Research project on how the brain grows and learns

Define and explain “Neuroplasticity”

Video: Neuroplasticity

Additional Resources

Unit Plan by Khan Academy & Stanford University

Maguire, Eleanor A. et al. “Navigation-Related Structural Change in the Hippocampi of Taxi Drivers.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 97.8 (2000): 4398–4403. Print.

Doidge, Norman (2007). The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the frontiers of brain science. New York: Viking

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BFA in Visual Arts with Honours Standing. UVic taught me to expand my understanding of presentation, formal artistic education and post modern dialogue. It provided a strong studio experience, rich with scholarship awarded creativity in sculpture, photography and painting. 



Diploma, Applied Information Technology. Capilano taught me how to use a computer. Steve Jobs just returned to Apple and we jumped on the dot com wave. Designing award winning online and print content. Capilano launched me into the fast paced digital revolution. Y2K was real man.



BEd Secondary Art Methods with Honours Standing. UBC taught me how to be a teacher. It is where I learned to develop lesson plans and manage classroom dynamics. Theory and care colliding 24/7. Currently enrolled in a Masters Program with UBC to further my creativity and development of curriculum and core competencies. 

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